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Want to write more?
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Please welcome new moderator tafkah! :D Feel free to pester her about anything writemore-related.

1. Sign-ups for the June round are in progress! Sign up here!
2. Commit. If you say you're in, you need to be in. That's important. It causes all kinds of hassle when someone signs up and then decides they don't want to do it.
3. Don't be stupid--don't flame other members or start wank or be an asshole in general.

How It Works
Each person will sign up by filling out this poll and saying how much they plan to write each week. These goals can be as grand or as modest as you wish--you're the one who's going to have to achieve them. The members with the most similar goals will be put on teams together. This way, if one member is unable to meet their goal, it will be more fair to ask a teammate to pick up the slack. For example, if someone had a goal of 500 words a week and they were on a team with someone with a 10,000 words a week goal, it wouldn't be reasonable for the more prolific member to ask someone who has almost no time/drive to write to cover 1000 words. Teams will get certain amounts of points for certain things (detailed below) and the team with the most points at the end of the month wins. After one month, there will be a new registration where new people can join or old ones can leave if they wish.

Each team will have their own community where they can rant about the plot detail that won't work out, or ask someone to pick up an extra x amount of words for them, or just talk to their teammates. At the end of the week, each team member will post their final word count. One person from the team will go to the home community (this, writemore) and post each person's word count compared to their goal, and the team's overall word count compared to the overall goal. Then a mod will tabulate scores and award points. Posters should use this format.

Points will be dished out at the end of each week as follows:
1 point if a member met their goal
OR 2 points for exceeding it by 100+ words
OR 3 points for doubling their personal goal
Note: If a person doubles their goal twice in a row, they will be required to set the doubled goal as the original goal. For example, if your goal was 2000, and you wrote 4000 two weeks in a row, your goal will change from 2000 to 4000.

4 points for the team making its goal
OR 5 points if all members make their goals

4 points extra for a team doubling its goal
5 points extra for the team most over, percentage-wise

~Any kind of writing is fair game, so long as it's not required for some other purpose. If the short story you write is an assignment, it doesn't count. If you work on a newspaper and write an article, that doesn't count. If anyone is making you write other than yourself, it doesn't count. Other than that, anything is good. Fanfiction, original fiction, meta, essays, poetry, editorials, etc, it doesn't matter. The point here is to write, not to write ______.

~You will be required to link to your work in your group community, although it can be scrambled, a la NaNoWriMo (see this for more information). If this causes problems for you, please contact me. I'll try to be understanding and work with you.

~Please pimp this! The more people playing, the more fun.

~Inspiration came from fanaticize, which got inspiration from wip_it_good.


Q: Does planning/outlining count?
A: Only if it's well thought out and in sentences. For example, though "Boy house alone coat dog" might tell you what it needed to, to have it count for your goal, it'd need to be more along the lines of "A boy lives alone in a small house--hut, really--on the edge of a village. He is alone, with no friends, family, or neighbors. His only possession is a tattered red coat that used to belong to his grandfather before his death two years ago, his only friend is a yellow lab called Moxy. He longs to leave the village, but he isn't sure how to do it."

Q: Do all my words have to be on the same project?
A: No, not at all. Feel free to have as many ideas running as you can keep track of. Alternatively, if you want to concentrate on just one thing, that's fine too. We're very open-minded. :)

Q: I'm not really that great of a writer. Does that matter?
A: No. The goal is to write more. How good the writing is doesn't affect things. Although, you may find that as you do write more, your writing will improve, which is a bonus. (Do remember that if you don't want to share your work, you can always scramble it.)

Q: Can I work on something I've already started?
A: Of course! Obviously, you can't count words you've already written, because that would defeat the purpose, but feel free to work on a novel/long story/WIP you've started previously.

Other questions?
I'm aidenfire, your friendly mod. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment at my journal or email me: aidenfire(at)livejournal.com. rsnurkle is our other super mod, so you can bug her too, if you'd like. :)